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Searches on my Conveyancing Quote

Do I need to get a local search LLC1 if I’m a cash buyer? Cash buyers do have a choice on what they obtain when they are purchasing a site and do not necessarily have to conduct a search. Many such buyers think they know what a Official Local Authority search will reveal and may know about the Ampney Crucis or surrounding locale however most conveyancing solicitors will still advise one. One of the main reasons is that the Local Authority search is the only place to reveal liabilities to the council and this is more commonly the case with properties where the owner has gone into a home.

When we get an Environmental check on the property mentioned on the conveyancing quote for the property in Ampney Crucis what will it reveal? The search provides results of present and past contamination risks together with a statement from an environmental expert confirming whether or not the area is likely to be designated contaminated land by the Local Authority. It may also reveal other information such as whether the property is within a flood plain area (which may have an effect on the availability and cost of home insurance), whether it is on or near a landfill site and in an area of high subsidence or landslip. It may also shown whether the property is affected by coal mining and radon prone area.

Why is a water authority search indispensable if you want to extent or alter the property in Ampney Crucis? One of the important details shows a map of any public sewer adjacent the land you are buying. This is significant because if you want to build adjacent a public drain you might need a ‘Build-over Agreement’ with the water authority. This may stop what you want to build and/or make the footings more expensive.

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General Conveyancing Tips

How long does conveyancing take? For relatively typical sale or purchase, expect the conveyancing of your home to take approximately 2 to 3 months.

The Legal Ombudsman advises “Be wary of hidden costs, disbursements and VAT”. Disbursements are sums paid by conveyancing lawyers to third parties such as search fees and Land Registry fees and stamp duty. Double check when checking a estimate what disbursements apply to your matter and question any disbursements that haven’t been mentioned by other firms. For example, Firm B might quote legal fees at £100 cheaper than Firm A, but what about that unusual ‘disbursement’ of £125 that Firm B is charging as an ‘expedition fee’? In reality it may not really be a disbursement at all, but might be a way of Firm B making their overall quote sound more competitive by adding on their legal fees disguised as ‘disbursements’. Make sure that any written quotes you order contain all costs, disbursements and VAT. Beware of quotes that look a lot cheaper than others – as the saying goes, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

What are the title deeds? The title deeds are the documents showing ownership of a property. Historically these were traditionally paper documents – there are known as ‘unregistered title deeds’ but now the Land Registry stores evidence of the title electronically – this is referred to as a registered title. The original paper deeds are usually stored by your mortgage lender or solicitor. If these deeds are lost this can cause problems. Registration has been compulsory for all dealing with the deeds for some period now although this was brought in at different times across the country. For the time in Ampney Crucis you should check with your solicitor. Thankfully most deeds are now registered and cannot be lost. The cost of obtaining ‘official copies’ of the title are included in the conveyancing quote.

FAQs in Ampney Crucis

Are you able to oversee a mortgage with Cynergy Bank in Ampney Crucis? Yes we are on the mortgage Panel for this lender.

Are you able to oversee Help to Buy ISAs in Ampney Crucis? Yes we are on the panel so we can deal with Help to Buy ISAs.

What is a first time buyer? The characterisation of a first time buyer may differ from your mortgage product when considering SDLT. A first time buyer according to the Inland Revenue is an person who has never owned an interest in any residential property in the UK or anywhere else in the world and who intends to occupy the property as their main house. If you chose “yes” to the “First Time Buyer” option on the conveyancing quote the correct rate will calculate for you.

If I am buying and selling a home which I live in and I own a buy to let will I pay higher rate stamp duty? No provided both properties (sale and purchase) complete together. You will pay the normal rates of duty. If you buy a new house before you sell (even if the gap is 1 day then you need to pay the higher rate of duty and then claim it back. You can request a refund for the amount above the normal Stamp Duty rates provided you sell your previous main residence within 36 months.

If we are buying a flat what additional payments can we anticipate? This is one tricky area where we cannot give you all the costs up front in our on line quote. This is because leases vary in their requirements and also the costs charged by freeholder and management companies also vary. They can also be two parties to deal with i.e a freeholder and managing agents who both charge. These charges therefore vary considerably with some leasehold purchases the fees can be as low as £10 but in extreme cases the costs charged can be around £500. This is why the government is considering regulating this area.

If we are selling a flat what additional disbursements can we anticipate? We cannot give you all the costs up front in our estimate. The costs charged by freeholder and management companies will vary for providing assignment packs often in a questionnaire called LPE1. The charge for this varies from company to company mainly it is approximately £200-300 but is can be higher in unusual cases. Also in some cases you may not be charged – this will be restricted usually to either share of freehold where the residents run the maintenance or very small buildings such as a single house converted into a couple leaseholds.

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About Ampney Crucis.

Ampney Crucis is a village and civil parish in the Cotswolds, part of the Cotswold District of Gloucestershire, England.

The village is in the Ampney-Coln electoral ward. This ward stretches from Ampney Crucis to Coln St. Dennis in the north. The total population of the ward at the 2011 census was 1,884.

The Ampney Brook, a tributary of the River Thames, flows through the village, which is near the smaller villages of Ampney St Mary and Ampney St Peter, and about 3 miles (5 km) east of Cirencester.

At the time of the 1086 Domesday Book, the village was known as Omenie; in later centuries the name changed to Aminel, Aminie and eventually to Ampney. In 1086, the lord of the village was Turstin FitzRolf. A recent translation of the entry in the Book states: “In GARSDON Hundred Thurstan son of Rolf holds AMPNEY (Crucis) from the King”.

The village takes its current name (Latin for “Ampney of the Cross”) from the brook and the 15th century cross in the churchyard of the parish church, the Church of the Holy Rood.

The church is a Grade I listed building described as an “Anglican parish church. Saxon foundation, with some Norman work and elements from all periods including C15 tower and re-roofing of nave, up to restoration of 1870”.
The Ampney Crucis cross in the church courtyard is also Grade I listed, described as “Late C14/early C15” and restored in the late 20th century. The head was missing for years but was found in the tower in 1860 and reinstalled.

In 1671 when households were assessed for the hearth tax, Ampney House was described as a “modest mansion in a park” and had ten hearths, while the Lloyds, the only other gentry family in the village, had seven hearths. Of the remaining dwellings with hearths, ten were exempt on the grounds of poverty while the remaining households each had a single hearth. At that time, apart from the lord of the manor and the Lloyds, the inhabitants of the parish were mostly their tenants; labourers, husbandmen and craftsmen, each with their own patch of ground to supply the family with food.

In 1722, Sir John Playdell endowed a charity daily school. The population of the village’s 2660 acres in 1801 was 541 and in 1831, it was 599.

Many buildings in Ampney Crucis bear a Historic designation.

The Grade II listed Ampney Park manor was built in the late 1500s and was extended in the 18th and 19th centuries. Also Grade II listed, the small detached lodge was built in the mid 1600s and expanded in 1893. The manor was built by John Pleydell; in 1724 it passed to the Yorkshire Dawnays. In 1765, it was sold to Samuel Blackwell; during his tenure the long Georgian north wing was added. A historical record states that the manor was the seat of Earl Dulcie in 1830, having rented the property after Blackwell’s death. The property was acquired in the 1890s by Edmund Cripps who extended the building.

The 8-bedroom manor was listed for sale in 2018 as a 15,000 sq ft house with “magnificent equestrian facilities, a swimming pool, a 17th century Grand Hall”, library and many other amenities, including a billiards room (added by Edmund Cripps).

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