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Searches on my Conveyancing Quote

What is a Local Authority Search and why is it needed in Anna Valley? Whilst this is to a conveyancing lawyers and lenders an vital element of the home buying process to clients the need for this may be somewhat of a mystery. However the search reveals relevant|applicable|appropriate|useful information for your matter. In rare cases the results can be used to renegotiate your the price or and may even make you withdraw from the transaction.

I am advised that the local Search in Anna Valley will show if the land is contaminated. Is that accurate? That is not right. Whilst it is correct that councils are now in the process of locating polluted areas and recording these land on registers – this is a process which will take a an uncertain amount of time to complete. Needless to say any sites listed within these areas will be difficult to sell in the future. Unfortunately these records although disclosed by any Con29 Enquiries are likely to be incomplete.

What is a a CON29 DW search ? A a CON29DW confirms to a prospective interested party that the home they are interested in is connected to the mains water supply and mains drainage. This is particularly significant in parts of Anna Valley which are countryside as there may be a a private drainage system.

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Mouzzam was extremely helpful with our sale and purchase. Always quick to answer my frequent emails and kept us up to date with the whole process of buying and selling our home. I couldn’t fault the service that we recieved and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for conveyancing. We have now used KER on three separate occasions for a property purchase, sale and lease extension. On all occasions Mouzzam has provided a thorough, professional and prompt service. We would recommend KER. Very professional, prompt and efficient service.

Remember if the process drags on, we will not hit you with additional charges.

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General Conveyancing Tips

There is always likely to be a mortgage to arrange and it should be noted that a lawyer cannot rely on a quick email by mortgage broker or anyone else. They should have sight of your official written offer of mortgage in order that they may (i) ensure that you are getting the amount you need and be able to check that you can comply with any offer conditions imposed in the mortgage loan.

Always check what you are acquiring? We will always show you a document known as the ‘title plan’ (sometimes called filed plan}. This will show the full outline of the property you are buying – the boundary will usually be marked red. One of the biggest errors a client makes is not checking the plan properly. It is a best to go to the property to check that what is shown on the plan agrees with what you think you’re looking at on site. All too often clients mistakenly think that a piece of land at the side or rear of the home is theirs,only to later discover that the legal title to the land doesn’t include this area. Always be satisfied that the title plan matches the physical position at the property.

What are the title deeds? The title deeds are the documents showing ownership of a house or flat. Historically these were traditionally paper documents – there are known as ‘unregistered title deeds’ but now the Land Registry stores evidence of the title electronically – this is referred to as a registered title. The unregistered title deeds are usually retained by a mortgage lender or solicitor. If these deeds are mislaid this can cause problems. Registration has been compulsory for all dealing with the property for some time now although this was brought in at different times across the country. For the time in Anna Valley you should check with your conveyancer. Thankfully most deeds are now registered and cannot be destroyed. The cost of obtaining ‘official copies’ of the title are included in the conveyancing quote.

FAQs in Anna Valley

Are you on the panel of Melton Mowbray Building Society? Yes we act for all major lenders and many smaller lenders.

We are aware that you do not have an office in Anna Valley? Is this a problem? No because like all modern firms we depend on technology to assist us in our work to ensure that matters are dealt with rapidly. Your proximity to our office is not significant. We are also authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority to carry out work throughout England and Wales (which obviously includes Anna Valley).

What is a first time buyer? The characterisation of a first time buyer may differ from your mortgage product when considering Stamp Duty . A first time buyer according to the Taxman is an real person who has never owned an interest in any residential property in the United Kingdom or anywhere else in the world and who intends to occupy the property as their home. If you chose “yes” to the “First Time Buyer” question on the conveyancing quote the correct rate will calculate for you.

If I buy a new home to live in but do not sell my present house what is the Stamp Duty position? Buyers of additional residential properties, such as second homes and buy-to-let properties, will have to pay an extra 3% in on top of current rates of Stamp Duty for each band for all property over £40k. If you select “yes” to the “Buy to Let/Second Owner” toggle on the conveyancing quote the correct rate will calculate for you.

If we are buying a maisonette what additional costs can we anticipate? This is one tricky area where we cannot give you all the figures up front in our estimate. This is because leases vary in their requirements and also the costs charged by freeholder and management companies also vary. They can also be two parties to deal with i.e a freeholder and management companies who both charge. These charges therefore vary considerably with some leasehold purchases the fees can be as low as £10 but in extreme cases the costs charged can be around £600. This is why the government is considering regulating this area.

If we are selling a maisonette in a retirement development what additional expenses can we anticipate? We cannot give you all the figures up front in our quote. There are going to be two potential costs. First, the costs charged by landlords and managing agents will vary for providing responses often in a form called LPE1. The charge for this varies from company to company broadly it is approximately £200-300 but is can be more in unusual cases. Second, the lease often contains a agreement for the assigning to pay a fee to the landlord based on a % of the sale price which is sometimes 1% although other formula may be used. The lease will need to be checked carefully.

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About Anna Valley.

Anna Valley is part of the village and parish of Upper Clatford, Hampshire, United Kingdom. The settlement is effectively an outer suburb of Andover, and is located approximately 1.5 miles (2.4 km) south-west of the town centre.

The name ‘Anna’ derives from the Celtic river ‘Anne’ meaning ‘Ash tree stream’ now known as Pillhill Brook on the Ordnance Survey Landranger map, though it is still known as the River Ann to older local people.

Tasker Waterloo Ironworks (Taskers of Andover) opened here in 1815 and survived as a manufacturing industry until final closure in 1984. The site is now a modern housing development though there are still signs of Tasker’s influence in the village in the form of workmen’s houses, a line of terraced houses built for the workers and the former Tasker’s hall which is now private housing.

Originally much of the land occupied by the later foundry at the far end of the village was marsh land, known as Clatford Marsh. Robert Tasker noted the fact that the village had quarrying rights to chalk in the nearby hillside. By exploiting this right and quarrying an acre of chalk from the hillside it enabled the marshland to be filled with the quarried materials to act as foundations for the new Iron Foundry situated alongside the PillHill brook which would serve as a source of water power for the foundry. This chalk quarry is still very much in evidence (it is owned by the Parish Council) and can be seen from the road and a footpath that passes along the hillside behind the village leading to the Iron Age hillfort of Bury Hill.

On 20 November 1830 a mob of rioters came from Andover town, they smashed a bridge in Upper Clatford that carried the road over the river Anton and proceeded to vandalise and damage fixtures and equipment at the foundry. A number of arrests were made by a detachment of local Yeomanry and the Duke of Wellington Sir Arthur Wellesley sat on the board of assizes held at Winchester jail when the ringleaders were sentenced to be hanged and a number to be transported to Australia for their crimes.

In 1843 Tasker Ironworks installed a new cast iron bridge in Upper Clatford that exists today, carrying the road over the river Anton towards Church Lane. A later iron foot bridge was installed in Andover in 1851 to carry Ladies Walk over the new Micheldever Road that was cut through the chalk hillside.

The village once had 2 public houses, one situated at the bottom of Sam Whites hill, on the road to Upper Clatford, the hill so being named for a former landlord of the pub. A second public house stood almost opposite Tasker Ironworks.

On Wednesday July 13, 1910 the British Army airship Beta was flying over Andover when the crankshaft broke. The airship was landed at Little Park Farm and was later towed by Royal Engineers to the chalk pit opposite Tasker Waterloo Ironworks. A new engine was brought from Farnborough, Hampshire and repairs assisted by the Ironworks factory. Beta remained in the chalk pit all night and most of the following day. Crowds gathered to witness this novel sight.

The village and post office shop was demolished in December 2013, having closed a few years earlier.

Media related to Anna Valley at Wikimedia Commons

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