Comparing Quotes

If you’ve had a look on-line already, you’ll know there are firms offering conveyancing at a wide range of prices.

Please remember:

  • Some firms provide very low initial quotes – but read the small print – they then charge for many items we would consider to be a usual part of the conveyancing process such as providing undertakings and obtaining indemnity insurance.
  • Some firms leave third party costs out of their initial quote e.g. disbursements and searches and then boost their profits by marking these up.
  • Some conveyancers try to make more money by juggling a high volume of cases at once. A heavy case-load means that your sale or purchase may be relegated to back of the queue.
  • Some firms restrict access to the lawyer by using telephone call centres or unqualified case handlers.

At kenneth elliott + rowe we do things differently. 

Estate Agent Recommendations/Panel Firms 

If you’re being referred to a lawyer by a third party think why are they doing it? For a referral fee or internal corporate pressure (for example Bairstow Eves and the Countrywide group always recommend Countrywide Property Lawyers as they are part of the same group) – but is this best for you – just look at the uncontrolled reviews )

Ask how much your agent is being paid by the lawyer – you may be surprised at the amount – if they are properly regulated they are meant to tell you. If you want to read more about referral fees see this article from the Daily Mail

Also consider all reviews carefully – some lawyers pack their google reviews using a paid “review service” such as Feefo. Does this give a true picture?